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If you are looking for inverters for sale at makro you have come to the right place. Makro is a wholesaler that offers electronics, appliances, groceries and liquor.

The company was founded in Amsterdam in 1968. Today it is owned by Metro AG in Europe, SHV in Latin America and CP All in Asia.


An inverter is permanently connected to a wall plug and runs on mains power with a built-in battery charger which continuously recharges the batteries. When a power failure occurs the system switches over to battery backup. Equipment requiring backup (like TVs, DSTV decoders, fans and routers) remains connected to the inverter during this time. When mains power is restored the whole process reverses and the battery starts to recharge.

In addition to an extensive range of traditional inverters for sale at makro, the app also offers a selection of backup power solutions from various brands. These units, such as the Mobi-Volt and Powerwall are Lithium Ion battery and inverter systems that can be fitted next to a DB board by a qualified electrician and will provide AC 220V power during load shedding. The powerwall is also a great solution for businesses and homes that experience frequent outages. It is fully integrated into the electricity grid so that it eliminates the impact of load shedding on critical equipment.


As the load shedding crisis escalates in 2021, more and more consumers are looking for alternative power solutions. This is evident in the spike in sales of products such as generators, inverters, gas cooking tops, cylinders and rechargeable globes. Makro has responded to the demand by increasing its catalogue of backup power solutions.

Makro is offering a ‘Powerwall’ that will allow households to cut their reliance on Eskom with a home energy storage solution. The Powerwall is an integrated power system that includes the latest inverter and lithium phosphate battery technology, available in 5kw and 10kw units. It is designed to fit next to your DB board and can be installed by a qualified electrician in 90 minutes.

It also enables you to reduce your electricity costs with time-based controls, by storing excess solar generation for use during peak and off-peak times. It can even be used with a solar system, enabling you to become self-sufficient and avoid the need for diesel generators.

However, intellectual property expert Stefaans Gerber warns that Makro could face legal trouble by using the name “Powerwall” because Tesla has applied for and obtained significant trademark protection in South Africa. He says the naming of the product is likely to infringe on Tesla’s rights and could result in hefty fines for Makro. This is a huge risk for a retail chain that’s essentially trading on the reputation of a global brand like Tesla.

Battery Backup

In the wake of 2021’s brutal load shedding schedule, Makro has increased its range of products that offer alternative power solutions for homes and businesses. One such product is the Powerwall, an integrated power system that comprises of an inverter and lithium phosphate battery. It will arrive at the retailer’s stores from the end of August, and can be fitted next to a DB board and connected by a qualified electrician within 90 minutes.

The units can be set up to power standard equipment such as TVs, PVR’s, DSTV decoders, computers, lights and security systems such as intercoms and garage doors. Depending on the size of the unit and the load it’s powering, the backup time can last up to 4 hours.

During normal operation the Powerwall is permanently connected to mains power via a wall plug. The batteries are kept fully charged, and when a power failure occurs, the system switches over to the backup power and automatically starts charging the equipment. When mains power returns the process is reversed. The system is then ready for use again.

Solar Panels

During the recent load shedding crisis many consumers have been approaching Makro looking for generators, inverters, gas cooking tops and cylinders, rechargeable globes and lanterns, anything that could help them offset the disruption that Eskom is causing. This has led to Makro increasing their catalogue of backup power solutions.

The retailer will now be selling power walls as well as solar installations to everyday consumers. The power wall is a creative solution that doesn’t require diesel to keep your home running. It charges whenever Eskom gives you electricity and will kick in when they take it away, all without any noticeable disruptions. The first one that is available at Makro is a 5kw unit, with a 10kw model set to launch soon.

Solar panels generate electricity as soon as they are exposed to sunlight and are connected in series (summing the voltage). This creates a DC current that is converted into AC by the inverter. The inverter is then fed into the grid. The excess power can be used to charge the batteries when needed or used as a back-up to provide you with an uninterrupted supply of energy for your household.

Makro’s new power plant at its store in Strubens Valley in Gauteng, has the capacity to produce 4.4 million kWh of renewable energy per year from photovoltaic technology. The company has also made a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by using CO2-free refrigerants in its stores and greening its supply chain.

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