Choosing a Solar Inverter Manufacturer

solar inverter

Having a solar system is a great way to help save the environment. The power generated from the solar panels can be stored in a battery for use at a later date. Inverters are used to convert the solar power from DC to AC. A solar inverter is the heart of a solar power system. It controls the flow of energy from the panels to the battery, and it is important to have a quality inverter. Solar inverters are made by many different manufacturers, and it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

The X1 series from Solax Power is one of the most affordable battery ready inverters on the market. The company manufactures inverters for both residential and commercial applications. It has a large global presence, and its Australian support office is in Melbourne. In addition to its X1 series, Solax Power has a comprehensive range of hybrid battery inverters, including the large three phase hybrid inverter.

A power optimizer is another option for boosting energy production. This device is installed at the module level and can be incorporated into panels. It works by mitigating the effects of shading, which can reduce the output of solar panels. This allows the inverter to achieve a high energy harvest. It can also help to meet NEC 2017 rapid shutdown requirements.

Several other manufacturers have introduced advanced new models in recent years. The new Delta Home Series inverters are becoming increasingly popular. The Delta app now offers improved monitoring features for installers setting up inverters. There are also a variety of smart phone apps available for these inverters. You can also use the iSolarCloud app to access the firmware on your inverter.

Sungrow is a Chinese company with a good reputation for quality and service. Their inverters have a solid reliability record. They also offer a new cloud based monitoring portal for their inverters. The company also has a good service and support office in Sydney. They are one of the largest suppliers of solar inverters in the world. They are also competitively priced and offer excellent service.

Another company that makes quality inverters for residential and commercial applications is Ingeteam. This company is a large multinational company that is Spanish-based, and they produce a wide range of high quality inverters. The company has a strong track record of innovation in the power conversion equipment industry. They have been manufacturing power control systems for over 40 years. They also produce a range of quality hybrid inverters for residential applications. They are also making a bid to enter the highly competitive Australian solar market.

SMA Solar Technologies is a German manufacturer that is widely regarded as the best string inverter manufacturer in the world. They relocated all manufacturing to Germany in 2019. They offer a range of inverters that are built to last. They offer an optional 10 to 20 year warranty on their inverters. They have an excellent track record of reliability, and their inverters are widely used.

Dan Mboyane
Author: Dan Mboyane